Integrated Security and IT Solutions for Retail stores, and Shopping Malls

CORETEK is a national leader when it comes to delivering retail business security that does more for you. We have built solid relationships with our retail clients by delivering an exceptionally high level of customer service. We know that each year almost $40 billion worth of merchandise is stolen, and understand how organized retail crime, shoplifting and internal theft can dramatically impact your bottom line.

Operating with razor-thin margins and tight security budgets, today’s retailers are faced with a long list of issues that center around loss prevention and inventory control. Customer and employee safety are always a concern, as well as protection against fire, hold-ups, burglary and unauthorized access to stock. Fraudulent slip and fall claims, shrinkage, gift card fraud and sweethearting can have a huge impact on resources and profits.

We have a breadth and depth of experience and can serve needs that range from burglary protection and fire monitoring to access control and state-of-the-art event triggered video solutions. Our goal is to help you maximize ROI for your loss prevention programs by leveraging your current legacy equipment while quickly incorporating new integrated solutions.

With multiple personal customer information data breaches in the news headlines, PCI compliance is a huge concern. CORETEK can help you to implement the physical security requirements of your PCI compliance plan at your stores and data facilities.

CORETEK offers cutting edge solutions for your restaurant or hotel. our solutions covers the following:

Intrusion Detection & Notification

Intrusion systems provide front line protection for retailers by sending alarm information to the Security Operation Center Certified Central Station. CORETEK also provide additional features, like holdup buttons and environmental warning sensors for water damage or out of range temperatures.

Video Solutions

Event-triggered video solutions have become the cornerstone of retail security efforts. Video helps to ensure employee compliance with your operating procedures while guarding against theft and inventory shrinkage. New IP technology can provide very high resolution images, which are critical in identification and apprehension of thieves and organized retail crime groups.

Point of Sale

For entrepreneurs, the ka-ching of the cash register has long been the sound of music. But today the cash register of even the smallest business may be attached to a computer via "point-of-sale" (POS) systems. These systems have grown in popularity over conventional cash registers because they don't just ring up sales. They amass vital, real-time information about your inventory and customers..

Access Control & Time and Attendance

Access control systems can serve as an effective method of deterrence at the individual retail store level. Access control can also be used to restrict employee/vendor access to critical areas such as stock rooms and cash offices and to help meet PCI compliance standards. it is also used to track the staff time and attendance and report it to the HR department

Fire and Life Safety

Fire detection systems are the backbone of a retail business security program, protecting inventory along with employees and customers. To stay in compliance, your system must be maintained and inspected on a regular basis. Dependable monitoring of the systems in your stores and on-time inspections are critical to reduce liability and promote public safety.

EAS, RFID and Detection Antennas

prevent shoplifting in your retail stores where merchandise is on display, and keep tracking of the merchandise, especially new arrivals, and make sure it will not be left out in the backroom, monitor the occupancy of the fitting room to prevent the misuse, and analetically manage attraction areas.