Oil & Gas

Integrated Security and IT Solutions for Energy & Utilities and Hazardous Locations

CORETEK is an acknowledged leader when it comes to delivering business security solutions to the energy industry, gas and oil, power and utility, and alternative energy companies. We provide seamless protection to help safeguard the energy facilities, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, refineries, power plants and utilities.

Our certified consultants have deep IT and Security skill sets and experience with integrating advanced and emerging technologies at critical infrastructure facilities. We can help you with the Security Vulnerability Assessment and Site Security Plan, which are required for Risk-Based Performance Standards (RBPS) compliance. CORETEK has the ability to provide turnkey systems and then support them with consistent field response and outstanding customer service

CORETEK has a dedicated Integrated Systems team with the resources and expertise needed to work with you and your team. We provide a high level of customer service during every step of design, deployment, implementation and support—to protect your facility while ensuring business continuity.

Innovative Solutions for Seamless Security
CORETEK offers cutting edge solutions to protect the critical points of your energy operation and help minimize business interruption. From power generation and transmission facilities to remote oil fields, we can deliver seamless protection that safeguards your employees, assets and corporate image. our solutions covers the following:

Access Control

Access control systems can help secure your energy facilities using current and next-generation identity management platforms with either smart card or biometric authenticators. By having the capability to centrally manage critical access areas, you can help ensure that only authorized personnel have access.

Physical Secuirty

Wide range of Entrance Control and Perimeter Protection Solutions. Our range of high quality Vehicle Barriers, Road Blockers, Pedestrian Control Turnstiles, Sliding Gates, Hinged gates, Bi Folding Speed Gates, Pedestrian Gates and Rising Bollards are operating and safeguarding in virtually every sector there is.

Video Solutions

Rugged and explosion proof video surveillance solutions can provide valuable documentation of any activity at critical locations within the facility or around exterior perimeters at the critical Oil & Gas sites. With state-of-the-art Video Analytics System, you can supplement your video investment to mitigate risk and losses while reducing manned guard costs.


Wide Range of Telecom devices for hazardous areas that insures the safety of your workers in all situations, intrinsically safe moile phones for Zone 1 / Class I (ATEX,IECEx) and explosion proof mobile phones for Zone 2 / Class II (NEC). devices that also offeres lone worker protection (LWP)

Fire, Somke, and Gas Protection

Fire, Smoke, and Gas protection is crucial for life safety in Oil and Gas Sector, Specially in Off-Shore operations. We can implement a fire/Smoke/Gas alarm system to help protect your personnel and valuable assets. After installation, CORETEK provides services that include inspections, monitoring, maintenance and service.

Monitoring and Controlling

Monitoring by highly trained professionals will keep the energy facilities protected, and saveing money, property, and lives. Through Professional Securit Management System and physical security information management. CORETEK provides services such as virtual guard tours to enhance site security.